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Cameron Fancourt

After 26 years of entrepreneurship, Cameron has been developing businesses in the Hospitality, Fitness, Wellness,Beauty, Retail and Service sectors globally. Cameron’s experience includes advising and consulting to clients and Boards across America, and the Asia Pacific, helping start-ups and established brands with strategy, systems and growing their brands.

Cameron specialises in building Brands from an idea and incubating them with a realisable outcome. After a successful and turbulent entrepreneurial career, creating many businesses of his own, Cameron saw that so many entrepreneurs like him, struggle and need strategic support and help to achieve their goals, to avoid pitfalls that can impact business and entrepreneurs and executives personally.

In the last 12 years, he spends his time advising, consulting, coaching and mentoring many people including business owners and executives globally. He provides a 360-degree view of all of the key aspects of business, opportunities and challenges you on what might be limiting you in achieving your goals.

The world is forever changing and we must adapt with the rapid change in times. To do so, having the right support and team around is key to success in all aspects your business and personal life.


Nathan Bazzi

After studying and completing a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Accounting, Nathan has embraced and managed key and fundamental components of the business across many sectors. With 10 years of practical business and accounting experience, he has built a strong reputation amongst clients, through his expertise in strategising and implementing effective solutions and outcomes for his employers and clients.

Nathan’s experience includes managing significant changes in several large businesses including Costco and Dentons. Nathan’s accounting expertise and ability to understand business has created opportunities for expansion of his skills, ranging from organisational planning, business structure setup, business modelling, marketing and strategic business consulting.

Nathan has a passion for helping business owners achieve their financial goals and ambitions in their professional and personal life, using his business experience, skills and expertise.


Symon Peters

Symon has an extensive background in property and business, spanning over 35 years. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge on all thing’s property, green energy with international business acumen to support this.

Symon has built a career helping people achieve their goals and aspirations, whilst showing them how to effectively capitalise on the growth opportunities in business and property. Symon has been instrumental in identifying many opportunities and challenges across many sectors, with a large focus on property and the energy space.

Symon supports our national operation and provides invaluable support to our team and our clients. He offers forward thinking and alternatives to challenging situations and finds positive solutions to help our clients achieve their strategic goals.


Kelly Hekkenberg

Kelly has extensive brand, marketing and business experience spanning multiple sectors over 10 years. She has been at the forefront of building and developing many brands for clients as well as of her own. She has worked with businesses in the corporate, wellness beauty and fitness sectors, including launching her own natural based skin care brand in 2020.

Kelly’s eye for detail and personable approach to a clients vision and brand are recognised in many industries. Kelly has been an advisor to many brands, providing invaluable strategic brand design, social and marketing experience to help them elevate their brands. Her proven strategies and client engagement, supports the delivery of all projects delivered by Foundr.ly.